Vibsens is a leader in design, development and production of vibration measurement, condition monitoring and machinery protection systems located in Turkey .

Our products include single channel vibration transmitters, sound & vibration analyzers, condition monitoring systems and multi-channel machinery protection systems which are widely used to perform condition monitoring and protection of rotating machinery.

Vibsens produces V400 for protection of small machinery and V6000 for protection of large-sized machinery to protect plant critical machinery according to API 670 standard.

Vibsens VA2000 sound & vibration measurement systems are produced in two editions: portable and rack mount. Portable system is useful for academic applications, laboratory tests and in-situ tests demanding  production testing, modal / acoustics analysis, field balancing etc. while rack mount product is useful for permanent and industrial onsite installation to get data from existing protection systems.

Vibsens also develops condition monitoring software (Vibsens-Pro) which not only performs data acquisition and processing but also provides users with several built-in functions to enhance machinery damage detection & failure analysis such as bearing frequency calculator, harmonic & side band detectors to name a few. It also covers several application fields including modal analysis, field balancing and customizable report generation platform.

We also produce test devices which are used in testing, calibration and verification of vibration measurement and protection systems like vibration transducers, indicators and vibration measurement systems.


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Vibsens Office

VIBSENS Products Range

Vibration Monitors and Transmitters

Vibration Transmitter and Monitor Modules

Rail Mount Vibration Transmitter :

The Stand Alone Analog/Digital Protection System meets the requirements of API-670 and provides all the features of the above. Protection System with the addition of one (VC200A) and two separate  (VC210A) relay outputs, for alert and alarm, and Displays and Indicate Value of Vibration as you selected in Display in front of VC210A and Rod Drop Value in VC200R, and 4-20mA output for PLC/DCS or recorder. Also OK, Alert and Danger Alarms are provided for each Module…More


Condition Monitoring System

Machinery Protection System :

The V400 Machine Protection Monitor is a high performance fully programmable, signal conditioning unit capable of monitoring 4- Channels of Absolute Vibration, Shaft Vibration or Thrust Position. In addition first channel is available as standard for measuring speed or for use as a phase reference. The 9*9cm Panel mountable module is designed specifically for machine protection applications,certainly….more.

V6000 Use for continuous on-line protection and condition monitoring of heavy critical plant machinery

Analyzer and Diagnostic System

Multichannel Simultaneous sound&vibration analyzer :

VA-2000 is the portable online multi channel signal analyser,which enjoys the most useful vibration analysis functions all in one portable device. VA-2000 is the comprehensive solution to vibration measurement & analysis designed for both field and laboratory applications,finally…more



Test Equipment

Vibration Calibration Tools :

The VD-5 is a compact, rechargeable, portable handheld Vibration Meter designed to conform to ISO10816-3 and operate with rather…more. The PVC-5000 Portable Vibration Calibrator is the ideal tool for checking accelerometers, velocity transducers, and proximity probes over …more. The HVC-500 is a small, self-contained handheld shaker,designed for quick and easy checking of likewise…..more.Pen Vibration Meter Model PVM-50 Measures Acceleration and Velocity and Displacement consequently…..more.

Vibration Signal Simulation

Vibration Signal Simulation

Vibration Sensor

Accelerometer/Velocity/Displacement Sensor :

Being the exclusive representative of CTC ® company in Turkey, VibSens is able to supply the customers with all types of vibration transducers needed i.e. accelerometers, displacement transducers and  velocity sensors. Moreover, VibSens can provide special application vibration transducers like 4-20 mA or high temperature accelerometers to the customers based on their technical needs and environmental requirements.more….


Sound and Vibration Analyzer & Diagnostic Software

Vibration Analysis Software

VIBSENS-PRO is machine condition monitoring software which acquires, measures & monitors data from VA-2000/V6000/V400/VD5 measurement system and can send data over local or wide area networks, for other clients. It provides static (Modbus protocol) and dynamic data acquisition and analysis, wide display choices such as overall vibration level, trend monitoring, time waveform, frequency spectrum, orbit plot, polar plot, waterfall, bode plot, DC gap plot, bearing damage frequencies and much more.as a result…..more

Remote I/O Suport:

In addition to dynamic analog inputs,it collects process variable data from either 4‐20mA input or Modbus and creates correlation trend plots. The VIBSENS-PRO provides an integrated software solution for asset management resulting in a total solution ,for machine health monitoring and protection.for the reason that It can be connected to all standard ICP, AC, DC inputs from 3rd party manufacturers and is also able to interface with Modbus TCP Server, or OPC server from 3rd party which makes the plant management more efficient. In conclusion, while being flexible and functional, CMS is a need for conditioned based maintenance,therefore….more


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We will definitely help you using your Vibsens equipment,We come on-site for applied trainings.

Measurement & Diagnostics

We can manage the all process of your tests and measurements up to reports and fault diagnostic . We optimize your analyze and measurement process depending on your application and field requirements. We also combine your team and deliver knowledge to them.

Maintenance& support

Maintenance & Support services include both hardware maintenance and software support services. Hardware maintenance and support services are preventive..more


If you need Vibration Measurement System with Software  for a short term project or You need to analyze for parallel connection with your protection system, so rent the VA2000


No matter what services are needed, these can all be packaged in a customized frame agreement that can greatly simplify monitoring system management


Calibration Test & Reports Calibration

VibSens has prepared ready to perform technical solutions for vibration measurement & protection of various kinds of rotating machinery…more

Condition Monitoring Solutions :