VA2000 Series Sound & vibration analyzer / condition monitoring system


VA2000 is a condition monitoring system which can be used for multi-channel data acquisition, signal analysis and data processing.
VA 2000 measurement system has been designed for on-line simultaneous data acquisition and presentation. It combines features of many instrumentation devices like oscilloscopes, filters, signal conditioners and data acquisition devices into a single device. Data communication with PC is performed by LAN/WAN network communication methods enabling users for easy remote operating of data processing and data storage. It can share data by a server to multiple clients over a network, if needed, enabling multiple users to perform signal analysis simultaneously on a machine. It has data storage ability and a specific software application for offline data review and analysis from historical data.
VA2000 vibration measurement system is available in two formats
1) 19 “ Rack mount enclosure for industrial applications
2) Battery powered portable enclosure for easier carriage
According to the above mentioned available enclosures VA2000 can be used in application in need of fully portable system or fixed installation rack mounted locations. Moreover, VA2000 can be ordered in configurable input channels (6, 12 or 24) and customer can order the product according to the number of channels needed. Flexible transducer interface makes it easy to connect virtually any kind of transducer with IEPE/Voltage/Current output such as accelerometer, velocity transducer, proximity probes, force transducer, microphone to VA2000 inputs just by changing a DIP switch configuration. For analysis of phase and rotating speed, any of the input channels can be connected to a tachometer / Keyphasor® signal for order analysis. For modal analysis applications, VA2000 supports free run / software / hardware triggering modes for automated/manual data acquisition and recording, enabling customer to employ the system as an event activated data recorder without an operator present for example in recording impacts.
Client-server network architecture in device firmware and PC software enables multiple users to analyze data either on-line or off-line, allowing several users to independently view data in their desired format. Vibsens-Pro software which is developed for data acquisition and analysis of VA2000 measurement hardware can be installed on personal computers with MS Windows® operating system and user can easily configure the acquisition mode and define inputs and measurement plan.
Condition monitoring configurations

VA2000 rack mount edition is a 24 channel vibration measurement system designed for large rotating machines like gas turbines, hydro turbines in which user wants to have access to many input measurements with high accuracy and various signal measurements like Envelope, banded frequency spectrum, Cepstrum, orbit, polar plot, etc. including all the monitoring techniques included in
ISO18436-2 for certified engineers.

There are two optional system configurations with VA2000 for performing condition monitoring on large machines
I) Stand-alone operation

In this application, vibration transducers are installed on different points of the machine and connected to VA2000 through cabling and junction boxes. All the required processes for an on-line condition monitoring system are done and data is monitored to the user via a Industrial PC. 
II) Parallel With 3rd party protection system

In this application, VA2000-Rack can be connected to the buffered output signals of other 3rd party vibration protection systems and use existing protection system transducers as inputs to VA2000 and perform all the required on-line vibration analysis to improve the existing system from protection monitoring to on-line condition monitoring system in a cost effective way. The layout for both situations is depicted below. 

Measurement channels :                        24
Resolution :                                                    16 bits
Dynamic range :                                           Maximum 96 dB
Input range :                                                   ± 24 V dc
Input impedance :                                       220 kΩ
Status LEDs :                                                  IEPE / ±5 V dc/ ±24 V dc
Connector :                                                     BNC / Rear terminals (only available in rack mounted version)

AC measurement range
Gain 1/4 :                                                        ± 5000 mV Pk-Pk
Gain 1/2 :                                                        ± 2500 mV Pk-Pk
Gain 1 :                                                             ± 1250 mV Pk-Pk
Gain 2 :                                                             ± 625 mV Pk-Pk
Gain 5 :                                                             ± 250 mV Pk-Pk
Gain 10 :                                                          ±125 mV Pk-Pk
Power Supply 
Supply voltage :                                           24 Vdc 
Supply current :                                           250 mA 
Ripple :                                                              50 mV 
Battery life :                                                   6 hours 


Frequency range (KHz)
3 Channels :                      40
6 Channels :                     30
15 Channels :                  20
24 Channels :                  12

Maximum FFT Lines
3 Channels :                     150000
6 Channels :                     75000
15 Channels :                  30000
24 Channels :                  18000

Free-run, hardware (Ch#1) & software trigger (Trigger time & level configurable via software)

Output generator
1 BNC output, Single Sine, Multi sine (phase configurable), Single step & continuous generation

Rack mount :               88*483*206 
Portable :                      115 * 260 *370
Protection class :                                     IP rating: 20 (according to EN/IEC 60529, in cabinet rating is IP66) 
Temperature range :                            -5 to +65 °C 
Supplied accessories :                           LAN cable, aluminum enclosure, power supply, battery charger 
Weight (kg) :                                              3.3 
Humidity :                                                    90 % RH or less (no condensation)
-2014/30/EU EMC directive
-2014/35/EU low voltage directive
-EN 61326-1:2013
-EN 61010-1:2010
  • Vibsens-PRO CMS Condition Monitoring Software

Vibsens-PRO is a machine condition monitoring software that collects, stores, analyzes and is capable of transmitting machine status monitoring information over local or wide area network. It provides static, dynamic and transient data collection and analysis; such as graphical indication of overall vibration values, vibration long time trend, signal waveform, frequency spectrum, orbit plot, polar plot, waterfall, bode plots, cascade plots and much more. Vibsens-PRO may be run on Microsoft Windows® platforms connecting to various Vibsens vibration protection systems.
Additionally, it collects process data via Modbus from 3rd party hardware and monitors and stores data for further data processing. With its reliability, it not only can acquire the data from third party but also share its data with third party software and hardware.
Vibsens-Pro can be used as a client running on a PC with network access to server computer and processing offline historic data. Several Vibsens-Pro samples may be ordered for multiple users either for maintenance department performing vibration analysis or a sample just used as a general trend monitoring system.

VA2000 Vibsens-PRO CMS Condition Monitoring Software Data sheet  Download File