VSG3 Vibration Signal Simulator

Vibration Signal Simulator

  • VSG-3 is an easy to setup handheld device for testing vibration and other dynamic measurement systems, it can generate sine & pulse signals in different formats (Single sine, Multi sine, Sine sweep, Random) which is very helpful in determination of health status of a monitoring system. User can create different amplitudes and frequencies to imitate different measurement ranges to test the dynamic range of a measurement device.
  • It has two output channels for signal and one output for KeyPhasor® enabling the user to test frequency spectrum, orbit plot, phase readings and polar plot of a measurement system.
  • VSG-3 output can be connected to systems in IEPE and voltage mode measurement, so enabling the user to test displacement, velocity, acceleration and rotational speed monitors. Signal amplitude can be set from 14 mV rms to 1.4 V rms leading to a wide range of signal amplitudes and the frequency may be set from 1 Hz to 1 KHz while changing the phase difference of two signal outputs from 0 to 360 degrees.

VSG3 Vibration Signal Simulator : Download PDF

Key Features :

  • Output channels: 3 (2 signal & 1 pulse)
  • Independent phase input for each output
  • Single sine/Multi sine/Sine sweep/ Random signals available
  • Pulse generator for RPM simulation
  • Amplitude scaling for Velocity/Acceleration & Displacement
  • 2 output relays fully configurable with software
  • Graphical LCD with industrial push buttons
  • Compatible with IEPE/Displacement monitors
  • BNC output connectors
  • Rechargeable battery powered
  • Rugged handheld device
  • Polar, Bode, Orbit plot test
  • Frequency spectrum test
Technical Specs. Mechanical
Output 2 Sine & 1Pulse Case material Plastic
Frequency Range 1 Hz to 10 KHz Weight 210 g nom.
Amplitude 14 mV to 1.4 V rms Dimensions 40 * 150 *100 (mm)
Phase 0-360 degree Connection BNC
Output compatibility IEPE & Voltage mode Power Rechargeable battery