VC-200T Thrust measurement module Thrust Conditioner / Transmitter

Thrust Position Monitor/ Transmitter Module VC-200T

VC200T is a standalone analogue thrust position measurement & protection module which meets the requirements of API-670 for thrust (axial) position control and provides all the features of VC-200Aprotection system with the addition of relay modules and 4-20mA output for PLC/DCS or other standard 4-20 mA recorders. Also BNC output for portable data recorders, current loop check andalarmrelay is provided in themodule. The ability to select alarm delay, energise and non-energisedrelay, terminal for remote reset is also provided. It operates with displacement proximity probes and measures and protects against DC part of the signal.



•  Proximity Sensor input
•  4-20mA thrust position output
•  Buffer output for dynamic signal
•  Transducer OK status LED
•  Current loop Error status LED
•  Selectable time delay
•  DIN Rail mounting
•  Push-in type connectors
•  Energize and de-energize relay selection
•  Delay shutdown function
Input :                                                            200mv/mils Displacement transducer (Other sensitivities available) 
Transducer Power :                              +/- 24 VDC 
Maximum Current :                             50mA 
Measurement Range :                        0-2mm  
Signal Conditioner :                             DC-Gap Value
Input power :                                           +24 V  DC (50 mA) 
Output 1 :                                                  4-20 mA= 0-2mm (other ranges available)
Output 2 (BNC) :                                   Buffer dynamic signal output with bias voltage   
Relays :                                                        1 SPDT, 1A Form C 24Vdc 
Status LED :                                              LEDs Set point negative level, Set point positive level, Loop and relay

Case Material :                                   Plastic
Mounting :                                            DIN Rail TS35 (Top  Hat)
Dimensions :                                       134 x 99 x 22.5 mm (H x D x W) including BNC
Connections :                                     Push in Clamp 
Conductor Size :                               0.5 to 4.0 mm
Weight :                                                110  g (nom)
Operating temperature range :                                 0 to 55 ºC 
Installation Category (IEC664) :                               II
Equipment Class (IEC536) :                                         III
EMC :                                                                                        EN61326-1:2013
VC200T Thrust Measurement Module Brochure   Download File